A sincere word of appreciation-Thank You!

The past years were a bountiful success in
meeting our main goal, to provide vital and
fair income to people living in poverty in the
Philippines.  We want to thank each of you
for contributing to these great results.  

Our long-term commitment to these people is
very important as it allows them steady
employment and source of livelihood.  
Everyday we continue to meet these
challenges ahead of us and value each of you
who purchase from us.  Your purchase is a
form of commitment so that we will be able
to provide consistent orders from these

As you go through the pages about our
company website, please take a special note of
our mission, principles of operation and
vision of the future.

For each one of you who had done business
with us, thank you for your continued
support and may God’s blessings be upon

The Eco-Friendly Market Team